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before and after weed and feed

Exclusive Weed & Feed

Every time think green fertilizing visits, your lawn will be treated with our exclusive Holganix blended fertilizer and weed control. We use only the highest quality products enhanced even more by Holganix bio-stimulant.  GUARANTEED GREEN AND WEED FREE!

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season long crab grass control

Pre Emergent

Crabgrass gets its name because it sprawls from a central root low across the ground. It can become a problem quickly during the summer because it is able to grow vigorously in hot, dry conditions. Before dying in the fall, a single weed can distribute thousands of seeds that will be ready to germinate the following spring. You can eliminate crabgrass in your lawn easily with our plan.

grub control included

Grub Control

Grubs and the larval stage of many different beetles, including the Japanese beetle. The grub lives below the ground and feeds on the roots of tender turf-grass plants that soon kill's the plant. 

flea free grass

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks should be elimanted from your lawn and landscape to prevent them from entering your home on pets or humans. These insects multiply rapidly and quickly infest carpets, rugs and uplholsted furniture. One tick bite can give people more than one tick-borne disease (co-infection)......Lymes Disease!

insect free grass and lawn

Insect Control

If left unchecked, turf insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms and cutworms can cause considerable damage to your lawn. We apply preventative measures to assure your lawn is insect free.

pH lawn adjustment

pH leveling

For quality grass, soil pH should be kept near 6.5. When your lawn’s pH is not in range, it loses the effective use of nutrients in the soil. Our exclusive  blend naturally adjusts the pH level in your soil for maximum results

lawn fungus control

Disease Control

Lawn fungal diseases take on a variety of forms – from dead-looking brown patches to highly visible spots, threads, rings, or slimes. And once they strike your yard, grass fungal diseases can be difficult to treat. We can stop it before it starts.

additional services

aeration and overseeding


 Core aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Aeration removes thousands of small cores of soil 1-3 inches in length from your yard. This helps control thatch, improves soil compaction, creates growth pockets for new root systems, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn.

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